Are you passionate about conveying a message to others through social media such as Facebook and Snapchat? And are you willing to actively provide students with information about the largest student organization of Europe? Becoming a committee member for marketing and social media allows you to do exactly that! As member of the committee you’ll be informing students within Breda and beyond about everything they need to know regarding ESN, the beauty of going abroad, and many more while at the same time you explore opportunities to expand the network’s reach. 

As member of the committee you’re also responsible for the marketing of ESN Breda, for making the information as consistent and transparent as possible. You create the image of ESN in the minds of the students, and your main job is to make sure that when people hear ESN they immediately remember the main aims and principles of our organization.

Do you feel that this position matches with your interests, skills and expertise? Apply by sending your motivation letter and curriculum vitae t