Breda has a growing number of students, which is why accommodation in Breda can be scarce. For students, it can be difficult to find a suitable place to live. Unfortunately, NHTV Breda and Avans have no campus or student rooms of their own and, therefore, it will be your own responsibility to find accommodation in Breda. Rental prices for a student room in Breda vary from €300 to €500 per calendar month. However, you will most commonly find rooms to rent for around € 400.

Click for rooms
If you want to find a good place to live in time, ESN Breda encourages you to subscribe to Klik voor Kamers (Click for rooms). This is a joint initiative of the three housing corporations in Breda: Laurentius, Singelveste Alleewonen and WonenBreburg. You can register (free of charge) and find a room through their website

Housing Anywhere Temporary rooms offered by other students from NHTV or AVANS who are on their exchange/placements. Usually, these rooms are available for 6 months. Housing Anywhere takes care of payment as well, which makes the use of this platform very safe. 

Social media offers great ways to communicate with each other. There are several pages where students and private owners advertise their available rooms/studios/apartments. Facebook is one of the best ways to avoid service charges and registration fees. These fees can be high. Please note the rules mentioned on the Facebook page. Do not bet all your money on one horse - response on Facebook is not very high. Please be careful when using social media for finding your room.
•NHTV AVANS Living Arrangements: Mostly temporary rooms offered by other students from NHTV and AVANS who are subletting their doom due to internships and exchange programs (mostly around 6 months) Information is provided in English. Sublet rooms are (almost) always furnished.
•Find a room(mate) or house in Breda - Kamer(s) in Breda
•Zoekt kamer in Breda Community (Looking for a room in Breda community, Dutch)
•Rooms / Housing / huisvesting Breda

Other Organisations
Some websites below ask for a registration fee around 30-40 euro’s - to have full access to their site and be able to respond. When you find a room/studio/apartment through one of these companies they ask for an administration fee as well. These can be as high as one month rent, so count on at least around 250 euro. Unfortunately, not all websites have English translations. However, if you manage to understand some Dutch or you know someone who can assist you they could be useful. Many foreign students successfully use websites like these with the help of Google Translator or Google Chrome. (Dutch trading website, try “Huur Kamer Breda”)

Further information
Rooms in the Netherlands are mostly single rooms, with several rooms in one house shared by a group of students or young people. You share spaces like the living room (if available), the kitchen and the bathroom. The rooms that are offered are not furnished (no fixtures, curtains, carpets, etc.). Please keep this in mind when you rent a room.