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Our Values

Unity in diversity, diversity in unity

Students helping students

Fun in friendship and respect

International dimension of life

Love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange

Openness with tolerance

Cooperation in the integration

Who are we?

ESN Breda was founded in 2016 and has been growing as an international student organisation ever since. Our goal is to help international students integrate with the city of Breda and its local culture as best as possible. This is why we organise many types of activities ranging from parties to cultural experiences.

ESN Breda is focussing on ensuring a high quality of balance between social and academic life for the students in our community. That means that our main focus will be on our values and missions which you can read more about below.

What makes us different is that we accept every student that wants to be a part of our community. This is usually uncommon with the other student associations that exist in the Breda where either only Dutch students can join or you have to be studying in a certain program to participate.

What makes our community strong and approachable is our group of volunteers. With their committees, they work together to make content and organise events which give other students in our community the chance to create unforgettable moments and experiences.

Our Causes

Education & Youth

Environmental Sustainability

Social Inclusion


Health & Wellbeing

Skills & Employability

To foster the internationalization of education and promote quality mobility opportunities for young people from all backgrounds.

To raise awareness about the repercussions of youth habits on the environment, encouraging the making of conscious choices through information provision and by setting an example.

To widen the participation of students with fewer opportunities that are underrepresented in the Erasmus+ programme through the promotion of mobility opportunities and advocating for more accessible and inclusive mobility programs.

To create space for cultural exchange between participants of different cultures and increase consumption of cultural and natural heritage of the host countries.

To ensure a healthy lifestyle and healthy activities for our international students and volunteers.

To ensure an inclusive and accessible competence development process for students and volunteers and raise their employability in the job market.

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