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Go there for a Tosti and a positive social impact


Address: Veemarktstraat 3, 4811 ZB Breda, Netherlands

Phone: 0615180319

Working hours: 8:30-17:00

Partner website:

Happy Tosti

Get a nice meal and smile with Happy Tosti! 

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Food & Drink

Welcome to Happy Tosti! The social lunch restaurant that makes everyone happy! Our always-Happy employees, aka Happy Heroes with an occupational disability, serve the tastiest sandwiches.

1. Large breakfast deal for 8€ - Available the entire day

  • Orange juice

  • A complete tosti 

  • Yoghurt with granola and fruit

  • A warm drink (cappuccino, coffee or tea)

2. Small breakfast deal for €4,50 - Available the entire day

  • Orange juice

  • Half a tosti

  • A warm drink (cappuccino, coffee or tea)

3. 25% discount on the entire menu - Available the entire day (excluding alcoholic drinks and the breakfast deals)

TIP: Remember to say you have an ESN card before ordering.

"Together with future franchise entrepreneurs, we can create as many jobs as possible for employees with an occupational disability" Sam Holtus, Owner


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