What is the Buddy Program?

Moving to a new country can be scary and overwhelming. There are many things to take care of and most often than not international students do not know anyone when they arrive to Breda. That's why ESN created the Buddy Program.


When you register for our buddy program you are paired with a local student that will be your first friend in Breda. They will help you with practical questions you may have, be the first person you meet in Breda, and participate in ESN Breda events dedicated to buddies such as our Break the Ice event organized by our Integration Committee.

Frequently asked questions

Buddy Program

What is a local buddy?

A local buddy is a student that knows the ins and outs of Breda. The local buddy may be a dutch student who lives or studies in Breda or a fellow international student who is already living and studying in Breda. They help new incoming international students discovering the city and with some practical questions or doubts they may have. Additionally, as a participant of the buddy program local buddies also have acess to ESN Breda events tailored specifically to buddies. Being a local buddy can help locals meet new international people, expand their horizon, improve their english, and have fun with people from around the world.

What is an incoming international student?

An incoming international student is someone who dared to move abroad to persue their studies. In this case, they chose to come to Breda and study either in BUas or Avans.

How are local buddies and incoming international students paired?

When you register for the program, you are asked to answer some interest-based questions as well as what studies you'll be persuing and where. We take all this information and pair each local buddy with an incoming international student to make a perfect match. Sometimes, each local buddy will be paired with more than one incoming international student.

Is there anything mandatory?

No. Wether you register for the program as a local buddy or an incoming international student you are free to choose when or how much time you spend with each other. However, we do encorage everyone to reach out to each other as soon as you receive your match to check in with each other. Additonally, throughout the year, ESN Breda organizes events exclusivly oriented to partcipants of the buddy program. While they are not mandatory, they are an excelent opportunity to meet your buddies and meet tons of other people.

For how long do i need to be in the program?

Often times you also become friends with your buddy but, once you are registered you are free to choose how much in contact you are with your buddy. Every semester local buddies can register to be paired again with new incoming international students.

What do i get by registering in the buddy program?

This a volunteering position so while there is no financial compensation you get tons off other experiences. Local buddies get the opportunity to meet new people from around the world and improve their english skills as well as making new friends from different cultures. This means you can also improve your cultural understanding skills. Incoming international students, get to have their very first friend when they arrive to Breda and someone that can help them with questions or other practicalities that they might need. Finally, you get buddy program events that are exclusive to participants of the program.

How to register...

Fill in the appropriate form

Step 1

Download the Papaya (ESN) app 

Step 2

Make your papaya app account and select ESN Breda during registration. Also, make sure to add your email and phone number.

Step 3

Sit tight and wait for an email with your match. This may take up to 15 working days.

Step 4

Step 5

Once you receive your match, get in contact with them through email or phone.

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