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ESN Tuesdays and everything that you need to know about them

About ESN

Are you a newbie who has just arrived in The Netherlands and is looking for a place to meet

people and also have fun? Are you already living here but you feel like you want to explore

more and expand your friends’ circle? Or you have just gone out and you are wondering

where to get a drink and have a nice time? Safe to say, you are always welcome at our ESN

events eeeey!

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is a non-profit international student organization. Our

mission is to represent and support international students. We want to make your stay the

best time in your life and this is why we provide a nice environment suitable for creating

memories, having fun and even more to it – creating friendships and connecting with people

from all around the world. Did we grab your attention already...but wait there is more!

Every week, we organize our emblematic ESN Tuesdays, where we come up with various

themes to bring some dynamic entertainment and to make sure that you have spent your

evening well. We can promise nothing but a good time!

What have we organized so far?

ESN Breda has organized many events in the past years. From ice skating and graffiti party

to speed friending and quizzes, and personal development workshops. You name it, we do

it. We are well aware that everyone has different preferences and this is why we make sure

to create something new for you every week. What’s more, in the past year we have

organized events such as beer pong competitions, board games night, girls VS boys parties,

genre-based events and so much more.

What you can expect from our ESN Tuesdays is like-minded people, great DJs, lots of

entertainment and most importantly – creating memories, having a great time and meeting

new people.

Where can you find information about the upcoming ESN Tuesdays?

You have asked and we are delivering. Okay, writing but you know where is all that going. In

order to keep yourself updated with all of the upcoming and exciting events in the next

months, you can do the following:

  • You can follow @esnbreda on Instagram to receive all the latest updates and directly ask us questions.

  • You can download ESN Breda’s app and join ‘ESN Breda Community’ where you will be able to take part in discussions, share posts, and photos and know about all the upcoming events.

  • You can check the events calendar on our website and sign up directly for the event that you want to go to.

  • If you have still not deleted your Facebook account and you are not a big fan of Instagram, you can find our page and give it a like. That way, you will stay up-to-date with our creative future events ideas.

  • You can also keep an eye on the monitors and posters around campus at Avans and BUas.

What makes ESN Tuesdays so unique?

First things first, ESN Tuesdays are free of charge in terms of entrance because we want to

make them accessible for all students. Every ESN Tuesday has a specific theme. The

events take place at our partners’ locations. An important tip is to always bring your ESN

card with you to take advantage of all the discounts we provide for you. Last but not least

note, what makes these events so unique is that they are organized on Tuesdays so that

you have an extra reason to go out and have fun in addition to the student evenings on

Thursday and Friday. Come and join us next week, you won’t regret it, pinky promise.

What’s next?

Now that you have come all the way to this last bit, we hope you are as excited as we are!

Take a look at our social channels or click on the website and sign up for our next event.

Let’s have fun together! See you there!

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