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What can you find on ESN Breda socials - full guide

What’s new?

We know that as much as we have established ourselves when it comes to creating

unforgettable experiences for all of you, we also should keep up with our social media

presence and so are we doing. Wondering where to find all the funky and cute pictures from

the last ESN event aka The Gala 2022? Or where can you find open listings for available

positions? Or perhaps want to share the upcoming themed event or trip with a fellow friend?

Gotcha’. We will guide you through everything you need to know and...keep it short.

What can you find on our social media channels?


First things first. We start with the well-known platform Instagram. Let us guess, you were trying to find that one girl/guy at the event that you took a picture with, but you were wondering where to find it so that you can make that long-awaited first move. We got your back (could be literary if you didn’t notice our photographer taking the picture). Along with that, we make sure to update you with all the upcoming activities, events and trips on our feed and stories. For the rest, you might wanna follow us - @esnbreda.


Our old dear friend Facebook. Let’s say that it’s like that distant beloved cousin of Instagram. Apart from the well-known features of Facebook - posts and stories, we also create listings with upcoming dates and activities so that you can add it to your planning schedule and who knows, perhaps that old friend sees you are going, and decides to join and you have an unforgettable experience...or you just forget to check your account and end up missing on an opportunity. We won’t blame you, but you can still like our page on Facebook free of charge in return - @ESNBreda.


Here we talk more businessy and showcase our most recent achievements so that you can see that we are all about the fun, but we also take it seriously. Plus if interested, you will be able to find open vacancies, if you feel like joining a great crew and expanding your professional network. Hence, we can once again prove how hard we have worked on making your life as an international better with our constant growing number of partnerships. Check us out - @ESNBreda.


TikTok, our newest obsession! All the behind-the-scenes, giggles and overall the culture of the

organization - team, offices, basically everything that you won’t see on the rest of the channels. More coming soon, make sure to follow us - @esnbreda.

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