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Coordinators are members who focus on a specific section of a committee. They assist the managers in planning tasks and ensuring the team works well together. They may help heading committee meetings, preparing schedules, and checking up on team members. Typically they spend about 10 hours a week on ESN tasks.

Team Leads

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The President of ESN Breda is responsible for setting up short- and long-term strategies for the organisation and ensure that they are implemented. The President manages the board members, visits the committees and leads the general meetings to make sure that every department is on track and the organisation cooperates well internally. The President is also the link between the organisation and external parties such as HEI (Higher Education Institution). As a board member, the President usually spends about 20 hours a week on ESN tasks.


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The Vice-President shares the tasks and duties with the President and is responsible for the HR management of ESN Breda. The VP is responsible for organising internal community events and having 1:1’s with fellow board members or coordinators. The VP is their go-to person and if the members are happy, then the VP is also happy! The Vice President is also responsible for internal communication, which includes tasks such as being the first contact person of the organisation, facilitating the board and general meetings and managing the ESN office. As a board member, the VP usually spends about 20 hours a week on ESN tasks.

Vice President

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The Treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the organisation. The Treasurer oversees all expenses and incomes sources generated by ESN Breda and creates financial statements for every semester and year. Additionally, the Treasurer is also involved in securing grants and funds from our stakeholders, as well as general bookkeeping duties. As a board member, the Treasurer usually spends about 20 hours a week on ESN tasks.


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Managers are members of the board that are responsible for a committee. They are responsible for ensuring that the strategy set by the board is implemented and overseeing the committee. Managers remove obstacles and barriers that make the committee unable to do their work. They collaborate together with coordinators to ensure that the committee is happy and running smoothly. As a board member, managers usually spend about 20 hours a week on ESN tasks.


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Committee members are the heart of ESN Breda. They diligently take care of the day-to-day tasks of the organisation and ensure that ESN can do what it does. Depending on their committee they can be involved in designing promotional materials, organising events,  or managing our online communities. Typically they spend about 5 hours a week on ESN tasks. 

Committee Members

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The events committee is responsible for organising and planning the event activities directed to the general public of ESN Breda. As a member of this team you will be organising large and small scale events such as the Masquerade Ball, trips within the Netherlands or abroad, ESNTuesdays, Pub Quizzes, and Pub Crawls. You will be involved in brainstorming ideas, planning events and have the opportunity to offer your help during events.

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The marketing committee is all about promoting awareness and supporting other committees. As a member of this team you will be creating promotional campaigns for events, recruitment,  ESNcard partners, national activities, and more. You will also be managing, updating, and maintaining our marketing channels and creating merchandise designs and other promotional materials. 

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The integration committee organises events focused on culture and integration of people. As a member of this team you will help making sure that incoming students have an easier time when they first come to Breda. You will be matching incoming students to local buddies, organising events that help them meet other international, and creating opportunities for them to get to know the culture. 

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The partnerships committe is at the heart of the relationships  with our commercial partners. As a member of this team you  will be in contact with our partners to build and strenghten our cooperation. You will also have the opportunity to brainstorm about and reach out to new potential partners and be responsible for extending our network size in Breda.

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