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Join our team of ESN volunteers

Organise diverse and unique events for students to get to know the city better, as well as, to make new friends through socialising activities.

Create promotional content to be used for ESN Breda's website and social media platforms, become a blog writer, or keep the website up to date!

Organise fun activities like the airport pick ups and for the buddy program to help exchange students integrate with the Dutch culture as fun as possible.

Find partners in Breda and the surrounding places that can impact and benefit students in their day to day lifes. 

Looking for housing in The Netherlands is extremely difficult. There is definitely no friendlier way to say it. So if you have not moved into Breda yet and are still looking for housing, check out these accommodations. We strongly advise that you look for housing at least 6 months before arriving in The Netherlands.



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Student Housing and Accommodations

Breda is a city that comes to life when others may be asleep. The city houses two universities of applied sciences, a numerous amount of churches, a park that is integrated into the heart of the city, castles that were once sieged, a prison that now houses Ukrainians refugees, and so much more!

Aside from the many cultural and historical monuments that Breda offers, the city is also known as otherwise the best student city in The Netherlands (totally not being biased here). The fact that it is also one of the smallest cities makes it perfect for discovering all of its hidden beauties, while helping you connect with people everywhere you go. Despite the city being full of international students, the majority of the city keeps its cultural heritage ensuring that it will never only be a piece of history.

Surrounding the city are a few smaller villages, a large lake surrounded by forest (Galderse Meren), and a huge chunk of forest land. If you are looking for a place to take your mind off things, these locations are perfect. Firstly, the smaller villages give you a quieter atmosphere while still having places to see and things to do. Secondly, Galderse Meren is fascinating for Summer as you are able to dip your toes in the sand and go for a swim without having to travel all the way to the coast of The Netherlands. Lastly, the closest and largest forest in Breda - Mastbos - gives you a patch of nature that is perfect for taking a tranquil stroll in and embracing nature.

Moving to Breda and getting started!

Student Info

Integrated into the city is one of the largest parks in Breda. Valkenberg was only accessible to the residents of the castle and their visitors until the early 19th century. The name "Valken" ("Falcon" in English) received its name after the activity which the residents of the castle practiced - Falconry.

During the sunny days, Valkenberg is filled with students. It is highly recommended to check out this park and if you do, to bring some friends that you can socialize with.

Public Park

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