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A BBQ and a Party with ESN Tilburg!

Avans BBQ

Free food? Say no more! We were proud to be invited to the Avans BBQ in Club Smederij in Tilburg. The evening started off slow with people coming in slowly. ESN Breda decided to mingle with the crowd of Avans and it wasn't difficult to approach them. As we were familiar with most faces (and with their friendliness), we felt a part of the community and it was great for us to socialize with more people that we haven't met yet.

We then decided to conduct our very first spontaneous interview with the students and it could not have gone any better. They gave the best and most honest responses (and I guess that's what you see in the video). Huge shout out to those students that participated :) we thank you.

Avans definitely outdid themselves here by providing a location that was super beautiful on a sunny day (cold or warm), served amazing BBQ food (yes vegetarian options were available), and had a great DJ that played great songs in one of the coolest indoor locations.

ESN Tilburg, we love you <3

What a blast we had! For the first time, ESN Breda decided to collaborate with our closest local section ESN Tilburg. We started off the night with an enthusiastic atmosphere at STUDIO, located on the busiest street in the city of Tilburg. Thanks to our DJ MBX, we had a great time jamming to popular hits.

Not long after did we depart to Carpe Noctem, the home of the community of ESN Tilburg. Then it started to get wild! We couldn't believe what we saw with our own eyes. A saxophonist playing his saxophone to the greatest and most popular songs such as Darude Sandstorm! You wouldn't believe how crazy the crowd got once they began to settle in. With flames coming out the side of the saxophonist, the crowd got hyped! The vibe was great with students from Breda getting to know the students from Tilburg.

Unfortunately, the last trains back to Breda were leaving just after 12am which meant that when the party began to get crowded, we had to leave. But we will definitely be back next time and this time, with a bus to get us home at 4am. Thank you ESN Tilburg for being such a great host :)

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